What people are saying about Laura.

This way of thinking definitely leads to the most amazing results!

Good morning everyone. I’d like to share some ‘wins’ that have occurred in my life since beginning this program (October 2017). I have been reluctant to share this & ponder even as I write this now, but I thought it might be motivation for others. I have manifested almost $35,000 (unexpected payments & checks in the mail; received most recent check on yesterday)!!! I didn’t realize until yesterday that it MUST be due to my consistent use of the materials in this program. I’m excited & know that more is on the way (not only money but a life filled with great abundance in every area)! This way of thinking definitely leads to the most amazing results!




When Laura first approached me, I was successful at what I was doing.  I had a great job and family and was moving forward thanks to the personal growth and leadership work I was already in the midst of doing.  Yet, I felt there was something missing

As Laura and I spoke, she asked something that resonated with me:  “Am I in alignment with myself?” 

I wasn’t truly happy with my life and I wasn’t sure where my opportunity was, so I said yes to Laura and signed up for the Thinking Into Results program. 

In doing this work with Laura, I have now discovered my passion for training, realized my path forward is through going full time with my safety consulting business and that the path to liberty of time and money is how I think and what I create.  These have been concepts that I have been working with for a few years now and they have been reinforced in a way that have empowered me to move quickly toward the liberty I am seeking. 

In the 4 short months I have been working with Laura and the Thinking Into Results program, I have doubled my professional network, increased my income by 15%, and spent more quality time with my family and friends than I would have thought possible!


I am excited to be around people achieving results!

I want to thank you for introducing me to the Thinking Into Results program and coaching me. I know the mindset shifts are what’s influencing the results I’m creating in my life. I’m 35 lbs lighter, I’ve increased my income by 20% and I have the inspiration to continue creating the best me!

Keep up the great work! You are an amazing influence, powerful woman, and an inspirational leader! I am excited to be a part of this group and to be around like-minded people achieving results in their lives now!

Love you Laura!




I love Laura Noel and the Thinking Into Results program.  I’m so glad that we connected the way we did.  My first thought was, “I canʻt afford another program!”  However, after meeting with Laura and hearing her success stories she began to gain my interest. As I shared my goals with her she said, “You need to start the program so you can start making your productions and hitting your goals!” She was so confident that I signed up. 

With Laura’s guidance I am achieving my production goal, building my business(es), facing and pushing through my fear barriers…and of course creating new goals too.  I am on target for my BIG fitness goal in November.  I am also listening and reading the books that have been suggested in the programs and that is also propelling me forward.

Laura is a person of true character and I have so much respect for her.

Love, love, love this program… And Laura Noel.


ISNʻt it time to write your story?

What will you be saying about Laura in six months? In a year? How far beyond your expectations can you go?