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If your goal is to find joy in work you are already doing or you want to reinvent yourself and don’t know where to start, this is for you…

If you are already successful in your profession, yet you keep finding yourself reaching and striving to reach new levels, heights, promotions only to find yourself feeling empty unfulfilled and exhausted…

this Frustrated to Focused masterclass is for you.

Joy, fulfillment, and confidence are found on the inside, yet so many of us are searching for that next thing or next accomplishment to make us feel happy, fulfilled and worthy.

The problem isn’t outside of us; it’s inside and it has to do with the image we hold of ourselves. Confidence and a powerful self-image aren’t something we’re born with, they’re developed.

“It’s not who you are that holds you back; it’s who you are think you are not.” -Denis Waitley

We can never outperform our self image, but we can change it with a proven system and the right tools.

When we are looking outside of ourselves to validate our greatness, we end up stretching ourselves too thin, doing things “we think” we should do instead of what we want to do.

We lose focus and often times feel lost and feel as though we don’t have any real passion for anything or possibly even feel as though we don’t know what we want.

When you recreate your self-image, you gain clarity and focus on what brings you joy and that’s when you’ll be shining your light, feeling fulfilled and feel inspired to leave your legacy.

The Frustrated to Focused Masterclass is more than a 4 week course, this is about transformation! I’m going to walk you through this process, the same process I went through as well as all of my one-on-one coaching clients.


What people say about working with Laura

“I love Laura Noel and the Thinking Into Results program. I’m so glad that we connected the way we did. My first thought was, “I can‘t afford another program!” however, after meeting with Laura and hearing her success stories she began to gain my interest.

With Laura’s guidance I am achieving my production goal, building my business(es), facing and pushing through my fear barriers…and of course creating new goals too. Laura is a person of true character and I have so much respect for her.” – May Cabusas

Laura brings incredible joy and positivity to an already powerful course of material! Using the techniques she presented I was able to triple the size of my business in a month!

Additionally, my relationship with my wife is an a all time high! Thinking Into Results is amazing and Laura is who I trust to transform every session and call into a powerful, life enhancing, experience. – Don Gurganus Founder and Managing Member, Thumbprint Properties, LLC Certified Solar Advisor, Powur PBC

Confidence isn’t something we’re born with, it is developed.

The stress of life, entrepreneurship or climbing the corporate ladder can throw you off of your game but with a proven system and tools, you can be unshakable, laser-focused and calm as you stand in your power and really go after what you want, while standing in your truth and purpose.

Are you interested in a permanent shift in:

✓ public speaking, setting up online presence, confidence at job interviews

✓ sales & presenting your business idea

✓ the income you earn

✓ attracting your partner or transforming current relationships

✓ your fitness & weight

✓ more…

Can you let go and allow yourself to dream?

✓ Gain an understanding of how the mind works.

✓ Remember that you can never outperform your self-image.

✓ Learn how to accomplish any goal by altering the image you hold of yourself.

Here’s what you can expect

In lesson one, you’ll discover how to set a goal that’s worthy of you and stop setting goals you think you are worthy of based on your past successes or failures.

In lesson two, you’ll learn to re-program and upgrade your self-image to be in alignment with that worthy goal.

Next, in lesson three we explore productivity and life-hacks that will keep you focused on your dream, this new self-image you’ve created. And, the best part is, you’ll have the tools to keep you focused regardless of the life circumstances that are happening around you.

Lastly, in lesson four, we will put all of these steps together and create an actionable plan so that you are moving forward in your purpose, taking action, confidently moving toward the life you want to create.

When you join the Frustrated to Focused Masterclass during this initial launch period, you will receive these launch bonuses:

  • Apply your $497 to the cost of a coaching package ($1000 value)
  • 30-energy reset email series and challenge around attracting money and your goal ($100 value)
  • Free one-on-one, hour-long coaching session to set you up for success moving forward ($250 value)
  • Guided meditation recording.
  • Access to a private FB group where I will answer your questions and you can gain support from like-minded people.

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I’m so excited for you because you are taking the first steps toward creating the life you love and deserve to live.